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Findzer let's you get a mobile phone's geolocation and works on all phone types, networks, and countries.

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No physical access is needed when it's about Findzer. Get the ultimate solution for remote tracking of the mobile device by phone number only.

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Hear from real Findzer users

Robert A.

New Jersey, USA

I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for years, but I didn’t think it existed. So glad I found it. I’m super impressed with how easy Findzer works.

Kelly S.

Melbourne, Australia

It’s nice to know that I can locate my husband in just a tap when he’s away on business. Really easy to do.

Marc C.

Miami, USA

Being able to customize a message is a game-changer. I love how simple Findzer is, but also how powerful it is too.

Why Findzer

Completely Private

No need to worry about your privacy. The holder of the phone number cannot know who tried to locate them

Skip the installation

No need to install anything on their end. Just enter their number and Findzer gets to work. Really. That’s it.

Supports old phones and all carriers

Do they have an old phone? Findzer works with pretty much any mobile phone, on any network.

Works on iOS and Android

Whatever phone they use, Findzer works like magic. In fact, you don’t even need to know their phone model to find them.

How it works

Phone Number

Enter their phone number and the text of the message.


Findzer sends a text message containing the tracking link straight to their phone.


They tap the link, and you find out where they are.

FAQ: How do I track any
phone location
by phone number?

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